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Digital Poin8 is a reputable app development company located in Dubai. Specializing in iPhone,
Android, and web app development, our skilled team of designers and developers collaborates
closely with clients to deliver high-quality applications. We work closely with startup founders and business executives to create flawless designs and integrate reliable technology into our apps. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide top-notch solutions that meet the highest standards.


We have 20 years’ experience building custom iOS, Android and web apps for Startups, Business and Government in Australia that drive business growth and make lives easier.

Zyppyz App


GoShare Healthcare App


VicTraffic App


Educator Passport App

Chisholm Institute

The Happy Habit App

The Happy Habit

Telemedhub App



Our industry experience

Founded in 2000, Wave Digital is the most established app development company in Melbourne. Our experience is reflected in the quality of advice and mentoring we provide to Startups and Business.

Our process

Our app design and software development process enables us to deliver speed to market, saving our clients money. It is also flexible enough to embrace collaboration and consultation.

Our local Melbourne team

Every client can expect clear and transparent communication. You will also work with a local Melbourne team of dedicated, talented and approachable designers, developers and product strategists.

Our high quality results

Wave Digital is an Australian mobile app development company that are true specialists. By doing only what we do best – iPhone, Android and web app development – we consistently create quality apps for our clients.

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