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Digital Poin8 is a reputable app development company located in Dubai. Specializing in iPhone,
Android, and web app development, our skilled team of designers and developers collaborates
closely with clients to deliver high-quality applications. We work closely with startup founders and business executives to create flawless designs and integrate reliable technology into our apps. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide top-notch solutions that meet the highest standards.


With a decade of specialized expertise, we have a proven track record in developing tailor-made iOS, Android, and web applications for startups, businesses, and government entities across Dubai and UAE. Our solutions are designed to not only drive business growth but also enhance operational efficiency, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

Zyppyz App


GoShare Healthcare App


VicTraffic App


Educator Passport App

Chisholm Institute

The Happy Habit App

The Happy Habit

Telemedhub App



Our industry experience

With extensive industry experience, we excel in app development, delivering innovative and tailored solutions that exceed client expectations.

Our process

Our app development process is meticulous, collaborative, and focused on delivering exceptional results from concept to launch and beyond.

Our local Melbourne team

Our Local Dubai Team ensures clear and transparent communication, working closely with clients as a dedicated, talented, and approachable group of designers, developers, and product strategists.

Our high quality results

As experts in mobile app development, Digital Poin8, an Dubai company, focuses solely on iPhone, Android, and web app development, resulting in consistently high-quality apps for our clients.

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