Parachute Advansed

Parachute Advansed stands for care, nurturance and beauty, and tries to fulfil the needs of its myriad consumers through various offerings in the portfolio.  Parachute Advansed’s range of ayurvedic coconut hair oils to get the best hair care solutions for common hair problems like dryness, frizz, dandruff, and more. 

Working with an amazing product such as Parachute Advansed and their various coconut oils, we wanted to capture their true spirit, and ofcourse most importantly their nature.  Through incorporating a nature feel, we wanted the ingredients to stand out on the website, and provide a tropical feel that would allow the consumers to absorb the power of its ingredients from aloe vera, to coconut oil, vitamin e additions and more.  We love working with natural products, and helping lead the wellness sector into new heights.